Printable Checklists

This is a companion download page for my handbook Party Like a Professional. I’ll keep it updated with live links to my preferred supplies, as well as printable checklists to help you plan your party.

Printable Checklists

Supplies You Can Buy on Amazon

Quick links: Get these cups, these name tags, and this harmonica. All of the Amazon links are affiliate links, which means I get paid a few cents if you make a purchase. Feel free to buy them elsewhere and I won’t be offended!

Name Tags: My Favorites

The Avery 5153 and Avery 5154 are my favorite name tags because they’re compact and stick well. The only difference in 5153 and 5154 is the colors. Order whichever you prefer or whatever ships cheapest / fastest:

Name Tags: Other Options

I’ve also used all of these and they are fine / not bad:


These are the ones I use:

I also like these:

I like these, too:


This one is big and good, or any others that you find are probably fine of similar size:

Bonus, for the host with the most: here’s a TINY harmonica I always keep in my backpack as a backup

What Else?

What else should I add to this list?Email me to and let me know.THE END