Sample Event Pages

These are actual event pages that have been used for parties using The 2-Hour Cocktail Party format.

Cocktail Party Book

My book about how to host a great cocktail party will launch on Amazon in May 2022! If you want to read it RIGHT now, to learn how to make …

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Icebreakers: The Ultimate Guide

Icebreakers at your party serve as both an introduction and a conversation starter. Good icebreakers are like a short survey of the party where everyone gets to see the results …

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Guest Bios: My Secret Weapon

Guest Bios are a brief biographical note about many of your party guests. They make it easy for your guests to start conversations and create new connections. Guest Bios also …

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Cups: Best Party Cups to Buy

Hi! Cups cups cups. Aaaaah. So many thoughts. I’m still working on finishing these pages. For now, please visit: FULL SUPPLIES LIST – Stuff I Buy on Amazon For My …

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