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How to Make New Friends in Your Neighborhood

Last updated: June 13, 2024

Do you live in a neighborhood or apartment building and wish you knew more of your neighbors?

My friend Sujan did something genius to fix this! He printed out friendly family flyers and put them in everyone’s mailbox in his suburban neighborhood.

You can do this, too, to make new friends in your neighborhood. I’ll show you exactly what he did so you can copy it.

The Family Flyer

Here’s the flyer that Sujan printed, folded, and then placed in everyone’s mailbox:

sujan 1
The front of the flyer shows a nice photo of him, his wife, and their kids. I added black boxes over their personal information for privacy here on LinkedIn.
sujan 2
The inside of the flyer has friendly info about their family and an invitation to visit.

Why Do This?

Sujan said that it was his wife’s idea to make these. They used a simple tri-fold brochure template she found online.

They wanted to meet their neighbors in Austin, Texas. It helped them to get recognized when they went on walks and visited their neighborhood common areas.

As a result of this flyer, they have many new friends in their neighborhood. It made moving into a new home much easier.

What to Write

Here’s what Sujan wrote inside his flyer. You can modify this for your own friends and family.

Short History About Our Family

Sujan, Amy, Maverick, Jaxson, and Kira have been in Austin for 6.5 years then they moved from REDACTED- approximately 10 miles west down 71.

Amy and Sujan have been married for 13 years – before having kids they spent a lot of time traveling, working, socializing, and moving around.

Sujan loves cards, stand-up paddle boarding and whiskey. He’s always been an entrepreneur – currently he runs Ramp Ventures (acquires and operates multiple SaaS, Software as a Service, companies).

Amy is very outgoing – she loves being outdoors, drinking red wine, talking about science and eating vegetarian food. She is the Director of Software Digital Strategy at Thermo Fisher Scientific, which is a global laboratory products company.

Come Over Any Time

Monday through Friday the kids are in daycare, most days Amy & Sujan are working from home. On the weekends we like to do outdoor family activities. We love people and building relationships with our neighbors. We would also love to help by lending a cup of sugar, meeting your pets/animals, having some coffee together and do neighborly things. We’ve dreamt of a home like this for a long time and are thankful to be here.


I love stuff like this. I think it’s a great way to make new friends in your neighborhood! And in your local community.

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