Guest Bios: My Secret Weapon

Guest Bios are a brief biographical note about many of your party guests. They make it easy for your guests to start conversations and create new connections.

Guest Bios also make people feel special, valued, and excited to attend your party. They are a guaranteed part of my formula for giving you better attendance and a better party.

A Guest Bio is a short summary about someone. It could include professional or personal information—or both. But I’m not asking you to write full biographies of your guests just for a cocktail party. Keep it simple and light.

Sample Guest Bios

Here are real bios I’ve sent out in a reminder message…

To be continued, but for now, here’s what Cathy sent for her party:

Many people have told me they particularly enjoy receiving and reading these Guest Bios. Here’s one testimonial about them:

I was taking a chance going to your party where the only person I knew was you. We had just met the previous day during a meeting at my office. The Guest Bios you sent for your party made me feel like I knew a few other people and increased my enthusiasm for getting to know you and the other guests better. It also fueled my competitive nature to deepen our relationship so I might be invited back and featured in one of the Guest Bios.

How to Write Your Guest Bios

Writing good Guest Bios can take twenty minutes or less. Mine usually take me about fifteen.

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. These are short, fun notes, not someone’s entire life history. They don’t all have to be the same length and you don’t have to include every single person.

  • Do: Make the Guest Bios brief, lively, and informal.
  • Don’t: Make it sound like a resume or a Forbes “30 Under 30” list.

To be Continued

Thanks for reading this preview from Chapter 9: Sending out Reminders of my upcoming party hosting handbook 😇

If you want to read the full chapter and How-To guide on Guest Bios (which, honestly, this is one of the most AMAZINGLY SIMPLE things you can to do improve your party!) — email me at and say Hi.

— Nick