Cocktail Party Book

Cocktail Party Book

My book about how to host a great cocktail party will launch on Amazon in late May 2022! If you want to read it RIGHT now, to learn how to make new friends and boost your career — Click here to read the first chapters on my blog.

The Perfect Party Formula

You’ll find everything you need to feel confident hosting your first party, including:

  • Guest invitations— Who to invite, how to invite them, and when to send the invitations to maximize RSVPs and minimize no-shows.
  • Scripts you can use— My favorite and most effective email templates and event reminders to send after someone has RSVP’d. You’ll learn how one of these messages makes people feel special, valued, and excited to attend—boosting your attendance rates above 80 percent.
  • Must-have supplies— Checklists with all you need to prepare for a seamless event.
  • Proven-to-work icebreakers— The best conversation starters that I’ve found, why they work, and exactly how and when to use them.

Plus plenty more tips and tricks to make your parties stress-free.

From picking the best day of the week to knowing what to say when someone arrives early—and how to nicely ask people to leave at the end.

Coming Soon: Late May 2022

The book will launch on Amazon later, but I don’t mind sharing it now if you want to read it online.

Start on my personal blog now to read the Introduction and Chapter 1.

Special Resources

I’m using this website ( to share bonus materials for the book. These are some articles I’ve already written that you might enjoy:

I used to be terrible at throwing parties.

But then I discovered these specific tactics to get better at it.

They are—and I can’t stress this enough—incredibly easy to implement yourself.

Learn How to Build Big Relationships with Small Parties

  • Make new friends
  • Network, but not in a gross way

Hosting parties that build big relationships is a skill you can learn. Everything you will read in my cocktail party book has been tested and proven to work.

My book about exactly how to host a great cocktail party will come out in late May 2022!

Click here to read the first chapter on my blog.

See someone who read the book — Cathy’s Fiesta in DC: A Post-Partium

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