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Last updated: March 27, 2024

Here are a few testimonials from people who read early copies of my book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party.

When it comes to socializing, Nick is the most creative adult I know. Parties with him are unlike anything I’ve seen. He’s a master at creating memories, easing social tension at parties, and facilitating new friendships.
—David Perell, Write of Passage

Hosting a great party takes courage, creativity, and technical know-how. Nick’s book delivers fun and innovative tools to help you develop all three. If you implement just one of the dozens of tips in this book, you’ll take your party hosting skills to the next level.
—Nina Simon, Former Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

“Success (and happiness in general) isn’t about what you know – it’s about who you know. This book is a guide to making new relationships and making them happen more often and in a fun way. Nick Gray is a master of getting people together. I highly recommend this book!
Nick Huber, The Sweaty Startup

Fun and engaging. This book is a proactive do-it-yourself guide to party hosting and network building.
—Ben Casnocha, Co-Founder of Village Global, New York Times bestselling author

Nick’s book is the most practical, no-fluff instruction on how to throw an incredible and memorable event. It’s part self-help, part personal growth, and full of actionable steps you can take today to build big relationships and become a connector.
Cathryn Lavery, CEO and Co-Founder of BestSelf

I’m thrilled that this book exists. I’ve seen this magic in action as an attendee of Nick Gray’s parties and feel fortunate to now have a peek behind the curtain.
—Diksha Basu, Author of Destination Wedding and The Windfall

A Total Game-Changer

The 2-Hour Cocktail Party is a real game-changer, and even after just one party, my connection with the attendees is more substantial, and my network, even outside of those 15 people, has expanded. People want to come to my party.
Carrie Perreault, Toronto, Canada

Tim loves it

I can’t emphasize how helpful the two-stage invitation is. The first invite that you suggest people send is like a test shot to gauge general interest. It spares you from the rejection of the actual invite.
Tim Courtney

You consistently care and have mastered positivity and appreciation of others.
Tim Courtney

Can’t thank you enough for pushing me on this party. I realized that something as simple as this is what makes me come alive. It always has. I just never simplified it to its essence like your book did. THANK YOU for this book.
Tim Courtney

Party with purpose

What really sets your parties apart is that your parties have a very clear purpose and your parties have a really strong structure. Purpose and structure are what make your parties work. Everyone leaves feeling like they had a fun time but also with a sense of accomplishment.
Andria Yu

The book is very fun and I think you are going to help so many people develop confidence and not just sit alone in their homes like a bunch of Elenor Rigbys!
Victoria Cherry

Tactical tips

This book has loads of tactical tips for hosting an event.
Ben Casnocha

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Raul says he used to be a lazy host

This handbook has made me reconsider some of the choices I made when setting up my own drinks nights at work, which in retrospect were lazy.
Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, Tinybop

You’ve said out loud many things I sort of know or should know but have never actually tried to codify. I spent 10 years in LA in the film business and did a ton of hosting out there and always return to those nights as being some of the most fun/enriching of my early life.
Raul Gutierrez, Founder and CEO, Tinybop

Your buy-in will grow

You take the mysterious subject of successful parties and unravel it until all is clear. You state the work involved (it’s manageable!), as well as the rewards (everybody wins!). The nature of your writing is that it flows, and my buy-in grows with each new topic.
Linda Parker

Roger found it EASY

I was blown away at how easy it was to host such a fun, successful event. You literally handed me the perfect formula for hosting and all I had to do was follow it step by step. It’s obvious that hosting these types of events is the ultimate hack to growing and deepening my connections with some of the coolest people in my city, and I’m already seeing the results of that after hosting just one event.
Roger Morris

I’ve been able to successfully invite people to attend my party who I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet up with 1-1, and I’ve been receiving invitations to join other people’s events.
Roger Morris

Hello in town, to Spartan race

“This book helped me host parties that gave me a tremendous amount of authority and respect in my community. I’ve gained a few close friends, and many new connections, and the confidence that I’m adding value. Now, when I go out in town to the store, a restaurant, or a school event, it’s much more common that I see someone I know and say hello to. Tonight I’m going to dinner and doing a Spartan obstacle course in the backyard of a woman I met and invited to one of my parties last year. I’m so excited. And I had an excuse to originally start a conversation with her thanks to your book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party. She became so impressed with me because of my hosting skills that I learned in your book that she started inviting me to many fun events, and we have developed a strong friendship not only for me, but for my entire family. This was all as a result of me putting my insecurities away and inviting her over for a party!”
Nagina Sethi Abdulla

Rui hosted a party, then started a YouTube channel

I wanted to say thanks for all your guidance in testing the party playbook. Had I not had that experience, I don’t know if I would’ve even dabbled in YouTube or simply put myself out there. Thanks so much for that spark that generated much curiosity and willingness to try and fail. Appreciate it!
Rui Zhang

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