Party Name Tags

Party Name Tags

A party without name tags is like a museum without labels for the paintings.

You may think that name tags make events cold, bland, formal, or fake.

I’ll try to convince you otherwise!

Which name tags to buy? See my favorites here.

Name tags make it impossible to forget someone’s name.

The One Where I Forgot Her Name

I know from experience how embarrassing it can be to forget the name of someone who has just introduced themselves. Some years ago, my then-girlfriend and I attended a large corporate event in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan.

When we arrived, we bumped into a woman who I’d met a few times before. I knew she ran a successful business in New York City with dozens of employees and Fortune 100 customers. But I blanked on her name. It totally slipped my mind.

I’m so bad with names that I’ve written the names of first dates on the inside of my hand to not forget. I was only caught once. (There was no second date.)

As I was walked up to her, she greeted me warmly and said, “Hello, Nick. It’s so nice to see you again.” Her arms were open, ready to give me a big hug, and I couldn’t remember her name. I was mortified. Thinking fast, I introduced her to my girlfriend in the hope that she’d mention her name back. She didn’t.

(story continues!! this is just a preview –Nick)

The Big Benefits of Name Tags

On a practical level, name tags make it nearly impossible for guests to forget each other’s names. This reduces potential embarrassment. I’m not great with names myself, so I rely on name tags heavily as a host.

Name tags also boost your guests’ confidence because they:

  • Reduce social anxiety and make introductions easier.
  • Show that this is a safe space to approach strangers.
  • Place everyone on equal footing. Even famous celebrities and public figures have to wear them.

The Deeper Purpose of Name Tags

Hi! I’m still working on finishing these pages.

The Best Name Tags to Buy for Your Party

I’m going to centralize the supplies-buying stuff on a different page, so go here:

FULL SUPPLIES LIST – Stuff I Buy on Amazon For My Parties, Including the Best Name Tags

Practical Matters and Best Practices

When your guests start to arrive, your number one priority is to warmly welcome them into your home. Give them a hug, a fist bump, or even a very animated smile. Say that you’re happy they came.

Your number two priority is to give them a name tag. That’s how important this step is.

If you see people walking around your party without name tags, pull them aside and get your naked guest a name tag as soon as possible. Don’t let them move a muscle—except their name tag-getting muscle.

Write first names only.

Don’t use your guests’ surnames. Their first name is faster to write and easier to read.

Use large, capital letters.

Your priority is legibility at a distance, not penmanship. Write names with a black marker.

Do this: A first name written in big, clear letters is easy to read.
Don’t do this: A full name written in cursive with a pen is harder to read.


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I’m suuuuuper passionate about name tags.

My party hosting handbook has a bunch more best practices, notes, and stories about why they’re important.

I hope to finish the book soon, then I’ll fill out pages like this with more content!

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