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List of Awesome Party Hosts

Last updated: March 24, 2023

Help me host 500 parties! My goal is to hear from 500 people who read my book and hosted their first party.

Email me when you set the date for your party. Or tell me afterwards how the party went!

But please please tell me so I can keep track towards my goal. More parties, more connections, more friends, and more relationships.

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To be added to this list, email me to [email protected] with the date and location of your party. Tell me about how it went and some of your favorite parts.

Host Hall of Fame

Here are the photos from the hosts during their parties. Scroll down for the full text list.

Awesome Party Host List

192Shelly H.Connecticut, USA2022-10-27
191Priyanka & Richard Z.Dubai, UAE2023-03-21
190Roger Y.Marion, IN2023-03-17
189Jacob S.Austin, TX2022-11-01
188Giuseppe M.Miami, FL2023-03-15
187Matthew B.Cedar Hills, UT2023-03-14
186Marisa W.Charlotte, NC2023-03-14
185Justus E.Baltimore, Maryland2023-03-14
184Jason DL.Fletcher, NC2023-03-14
183Harry W.Atlanta, GA2023-03-14
182LV T.Alexandria, VA2023-03-10
181Noella N.Toronto, Canada2023-03-10
180Bronwyn N.Toronto, Canada2023-03-10
179Christie P.Cumming, Georgia2023-03-10
178Xandra S.Edinborough, Scotland2023-03-09
177Heidi D.San Juan, Puerto Rico2023-03-01
176Dan L.Los Angeles, CA2023-03-08
175Araminta R.Edinburgh, IN2023-02-11
174Adrian D.Salt Lake City, UT2023-03-07
173Joseph K.Fort Worth, TX2023-03-02
172Sarah A.Jeddah, Saudi Arabia2023-03-01
171Kingsong C.Toronto, Canada2023-02-25
170Kerri P.Richmond, VA2023-02-24
169Jose Q.Berlin, DE2023-02-20
168Tim C.San Francisco, CA2023-02-22
167Rob R.Greensboro, NC2023-02-21
166Morgan F.New York, NY2023-02-21
165Suzanne L.Savannah, GA2023-02-16
164Jordan E.Dallas, TX2023-02-15
163Bella C.Brooklyn, NY2023-02-14
162Mary Alice T.New York, NY2023-02-13
161Regina G.Seattle, USA2023-02-13
160Andrew L.Seattle, USA2023-02-12
159Michael G.San Francisco, USA2023-02-08
158Chris G.New Jersey, USA2023-02-07
157Michael M.Calgary, Canada2023-02-07
156Ilma T.New York, USA2023-02-07
155Glenn J.Greenfield, MA, USA2023-02-07
154Michael S.Toronto, Canada2023-02-07
153Adam B.Alpharetta, GA2023-02-02
152Martin A.Norway2023-02-01
151Tom V.Houston, TX2023-01-31
150Jeff R.Phoenix, Arizona, USA2023-01-31
149Charlie F.Aspen, CO, USA2023-01-25
148Edwina Y.New York City2023-01-25
147Stacia C.Seattle, USA2023-01-23
146Chris S.Austin, TX2023-01-21
145Atalanta X.Brooklyn, NY2023-01-19
144Amy P.Chattanooga, TN2023-01-18
143Prashant B.San Francisco, USA2023-01-18
142Oz C. Long Beach, California2022-01-04
141Marcus W.Singapore2023-01-18
140Dean F.Encinitas, CA2023-01-17
139Scott T.Bartlesville, OK2023-01-17
138Emily Y.Austin, TX2023-01-14
137Kaycie R. Albuquerque, NM2023-01-12
136Radi H.Toronto, Ontario2023-01-11
135Nat C.Newton, MA2023-01-11
134Eran A.Mountain View, CA2023-01-11
133Stephanie T.Newport, Wales, UK2023-01-02
132Monique D.Amsterdam2022-12-21
131Ben A.Austin, Texas2022-12-12
130Jill W.Grand Rapids, MI2022-12-10
129Jessica D.Atlanta, GA2022-01-03
128Christian C.California, USA2022-12-01
127Chris H.San Francisco, CA2022-12-01
126Conner W. & Kenny T.Orlando, FL2022-11-28
125Dan C.Seattle, Washington2022-11-25
124Maureen E.Warrenton, VA2022-11-23
123Harshal P.Dublin, Ireland2022-11-19
122Nina S.Santa Cruz, California, USA2022-11-18
121Stuart R.Denver, CO2022-11-17
120Dino F.Winter Park, FL2022-11-14
119Ben O.Boston, MA2022-11-14
118Louis S.Scottsdale, AZ2022-11-09
117Gabriel B.St. Petersburg, FL, USA2022-11-09
116Eva M.Norway2022-11-09
115Conrad R.Austin, TX, USA2022-11-02
114Ben H.Miami, USA2022-11-02
113Joi L.Richmond, Virginia, USA2022-11-02
112Jonathan M.Austin, TX, USA2022-11-02
111Louisa L.San Francisco, USA2022-10-30
110Stacey L.Queens, NYC, USA2022-10-28
109Shaggy E.Salt Lake City, Utah, USA2022-10-27
108Tiffany V.Brookhaven, New York2022-10-26
107David L.Austin, TX, USA2022-10-26
106Damon D.Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA2022-10-26
105Austin N.Austin, TX, USA2022-10-25
104Nora P.Miami, Florida, USA2022-10-25
103Mary Y.California, USA2022-10-21
102Gregory C.Austin, TX, USA2022-08-20
101Rebecca W.West Hartford, CT, USA2022-07-25
100Becca L.Fresno, CA, USA2022-10-21
99Hazel M.Victoria, B.C., Canada2022-10-19
98Dieter S.Arlington, TX, USA2022-10-19
97Ryan S.Annapolis, Maryland, USA2022-10-19
96Jan J.Slovenia, Europe2022-10-18
95Deb D.Arizona, USA2022-10-18
94Matisse P.USA2022-10-15
93Noor D.Chicago, IL, USA2022-10-15
92Laura M.Los Angeles, USA2022-10-12
91Angelo G.St. Petersburg, USA2022-10-11
90Manan K.USA2022-10-07
89Rob D.London, UK2022-10-07
88Ayman A.Durham, NC, USA2022-10-06
87Michael K.Durham, NC, USA2022-10-06
86Nate L.Puerto Rico2022-10-06
85Dave F.Alexandria, Virginia, USA2022-10-06
84Rick N. Portland, Oregon, USA2022-10-05
83Henry L.Toronto, Canada2022-10-04
82Jason I.Waco, Texas, USA2022-10-03
81Shane E.Minneapolis, USA2022-10-03
80Michael O.Las Vegas, NV, USA2022-10-01
79Rafat K.San Francisco, USA2022-10-01
78Teevee A.Texas, USA2022-09-30
77Lauren T.London2022-09-29
76Elyssa D. Washington, D.C2022-09-30
75Adam H.Toledo, Ohio, USA2022-09-26
74Matt Q.Denver, CO, USA2022-09-25
73Mohammud H.Kigali, Rwanda2022-09-25
72Teodora P.Bucharest, Romania2022-09-23
71Marisa F.New York City, NY, USA2022-09-24
70BrigitteAustin, TX, USA2022-09-21
69Alex M.Australia2022-09-21
68Ruben U.Canada2022-09-20
67Andrea N.Turino, Italy2022-09-20
66Zac R.Austin, TX, USA2022-09-20
65Christian V.U.Austin, TX, USA2022-09-20
64David K.Canada2022-09-19
63Zach W.Texas, USA2022-09-17
62Tyrel J.Scottsdale, AZ, USA2022-09-14
61MaddoxDallas, Texas, USA2022-09-14
60Jonathan B.S.New York City, NY, USA2022-09-14
59Austin C.California, USA2022-09-12
58Benjamin B.Utah, USA2022-09-08
57Nancy P.Orlando, FL (FinCon)2022-09-07
55Ronsley V.Australia2022-09-06
54Ali N.Oakland, California2022-09-05
53Jenny B.New York City, NY, USA2022-09-02
52Bert M.Gilbert, Arizona, USA2022-08-31
51Travis S.Spokane, WA, USA2022-08-30
50Noel A.London, UK2022-08-25
49Bill M.Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA2022-08-25
48Lauren S.Denver, Colorado2022-08-24
47Luis L.Austin, Texas, USA2022-08-24
46Neville M.Austin, Texas, USA2022-08-24
45Leanne H.Brisbane, Australia2022-08-24
44Lauren E.DC, USA2022-08-22
43Bharat N.Nashville, TN2022-08-22
42Michael D.L.M.Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA2022-08-22
41Mark J.Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA2022-08-20
40Mitchell C.Austin, Texas, USA2022-08-19
39Nik T.New York, USA2022-08-18
38Ryan K.Austin, Texas, USA2022-08-18
37Eric M.Romania2022-08-17
36Ingrid R.San Francisco, CA, USA2022-08-16
35Carol H.Lexington, NC, USA2022-08-16
34Rand L.Akron, Ohio, USA2022-08-16
33Megan K.Singapore2022-08-16
32Stephanie C.San Francisco, CA, USA2022-08-15
31Jason H.Atlanta, Georgia, USA2022-08-15
30Sascha S.Phoenix, Arizona, USA2022-08-15
29Dwight S.Allen, Texas, USA2022-08-15
28Sydney L.New York, USA2022-08-14
27Charlie T.New York, USA2022-08-12
26Kunal S.San Jose, California, USA2022-08-10
25Jordan F.New York City, NY, USA2022-08-10
24Taylor H.New York City, NY, USA2022-08-10
23Jack M.Philadelphia, PA, USA2022-08-08
22Matthew N.Wichita, Kansas, USA 2022-08-08
21FelixChicago, Illinois, USA2022-08-07
20Alex Z.Austin, TX, USA2022-08-02
19Ashley B.Tallahassee, FL, USA2022-08-02
18Noah M.Atlanta, USA2022-08-02
17Emily G.Denver, Colorado, USA2022-07-30
16Phillip V.N.New York, USA2022-07-28
15Stew F.New York, USA2022-07-26
14Carrie P.Toronto, Canada2022-07-26
13Shashi P.Arizona, USA2022-07-24
12Noah A.Chicago, IL, USA2022-07-20
11Kevin R.San Francisco, USA2022-07-20
10Julian G.DC, USA2022-07-19
9Vijar K.New York, USA2022-07-19
8Adam R.Austin, TX, USA2022-07-14
7Justin E.Utah, USA2022-07-12
6David and Susan G.Denver, Colorado, USA2022-07-12
5Krisztián K.Budapest, Hungary2022-07-11
4Jennifer S.Switzerland2022-07-05
3Corey H.Austin, TX, USA2022-06-30
2David N.New York, USA2022-06-22
1Tatiana S.Seattle, WA, USA2022-06-15


When I wrote this book, my ultimate goal was to get 500 people to read it and host a party using my party methods.

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