Cups: Best Party Cups to Buy

Cups: Best Party Cups to Buy

Hi! Cups cups cups. Aaaaah. So many thoughts. I’m still working on finishing these pages. For now, please visit:

FULL SUPPLIES LIST – Stuff I Buy on Amazon For My Parties

Reusable Options

  • My friend Mary Childs suggests: “adorably mismatched mugs from a thrift store, and then you can always (clean them and) donate afterwards.”
  • Recently I was at a party where they had these wine glass markers. They worked really well! The trick is writing your name on the cups BEFORE you put any beverage in it. If you wait until AFTER, the cup will get cold, or moist, and the marker ink doesn’t stick properly.
I wrote my name on the wine glass using these wine glass markers.

There’s an alternative option that you could buy on Amazon: GAINWELL Wine Glass Markers – Pack of 8

These have good reviews on Amazon. I imagine they are the same or similar to the ones I tried in my photos.

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