Kids at Your Party: Get a Sitter

What do you do with a bunch of kids at a cocktail party for adults?

The best advice that I’ve seen is to get a babysitter.

My book The 2-Hour Cocktail Party was written and tested at a time when I and most of my friends didn’t have kids. So I’ll share advice from others who tested my book, so you can see what they did.

The Problem

  • Having children at a party often results in the divided attention of your guests.
  • Kids can be a crutch for introverted adults to avoid grown-up interaction.

We need a way to keep the kids and children occupied so that the adults can mix and mingle.

The Solution

Friends of mine who have kids and host parties recommend getting a sitter to help child-wrangle.

Just like what Alex did here, How to Host a Cocktail Party with Kids: Alex in Austin.

My friends with children also recommend throwing a parallel kid party in a separate area of the home.

Best Kid Party Advice from Others

Here’s what my friends suggest:

“Getting a baby sitter was a huge help. It’s fun for the kids and fun for the parents to be able to give their full attention to their guests and the purpose of the event.”

-Crystal Zurn

“If we don’t have help, my husband and I will be distracted from our party. Without dedicated family or friend assistance, we have to take turns disengaging from our guests to prevent the death and dismemberment of our two active children.”

– Caroline Raasch Alquist

“When we hosted a party for couples, my wife and I hired a babysitter for parents who couldn’t get one themselves. The kid space was completely separate from the party. Parents only went upstairs to check on their children once or twice throughout the night. It worked great for us because having a baby sitter removed a huge barrier to entry for our friends to attend.”

– Justin Evans


You can still host a great party or event for your adult friends and colleagues with kids. Just be sure to get a babysitter.

When your kids get a little older, you may want to include them in your events.

Have them welcome guests or help with snacks.

Just make sure they have their own name tags.

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