Mixily: Best Practices for Collecting RSVPs

Mixily: Best Practices for Collecting RSVPs

Hi! Here are a few notes about setting up your Mixily page:

Do not use the “Poll guests” option

Select the “Start time” option for your Mixily event. Don’t use Mixily to poll your guests. You should have already checked the availability of your Core Group when you messaged everyone individually to check your proposed time.

Options: Turn ON the Guest List option

Make sure to do this! So others can see the names of those attending. This is important, as mentioned in the book.

You can also turn on the other two options, for Guest Invites and Plus Ones, if you want. But I prefer to ask people to have their Plus Ones to RSVP themselves. So I can include them in my reminder emails.

Include a Photo of Yourself

For bonus points, add at least one photo of yourself to the Mixily description. It makes your invitation feel more personable.

Me and my friend Katelyn hosted this party, so I included a picture of her, too.

Sample Mixily Pages

Here are a few that others have made.

Download a CSV file to get the email addresses of your RSVPs

In Mixily, from your dashboard, you can download a CSV file of all of your guests.

This will give you an easy way to copy everyone’s email address to send your reminder messages.

You can also email everyone within Mixily, using their email tool.

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