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This Party is Not an MLM

Last updated: March 27, 2024

Several people who have bought and read my book have mentioned they’re getting feedback that their party seems like a MLM scheme.

MLM stands for multi-level-marketing. It is typically associated with Tupperware parties, LuLaRoe clothing, and more.

Here is some wording you can use to hedge against that so people know that your party is just for fun and to meet new people.

Wording Your Invitations

I like to keep my invitations and RSVP page short and sweet. I only put the need-to-know details.

Here’s what I include to make sure my guests know what they’re in for.

The “Why”

I like to tell the people I invite my “why” behind hosting the gathering. It could be as simple as this:

Why am I hosting this party?
To get fun people that I’ve met together;
It is just a good excuse to hang out; and
To catch up with old friends and connect new friends.

You can include any or all of those.

The Party Agenda

Since each party follows a similar framework, tell your guests exactly what they can expect: Name tags, icebreakers, simple snacks & drinks, and interesting people to meet.

Each RSVP page includes the length of the gathering (2 hours) so people know when to arrive and when to say goodbye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another thing I do is add a Frequently Asked Questions, or a FAQ, at the end of my RSVP page.

You could add it like this:

Q: Is this an MLM?
A: No! We’re getting together to connect. No one will try to sell you something.

Q: What’s the point of this party?
A: To get together with the cool people I’ve met and connect them with each other.

Here is an example that shows you how I do it for my parties.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: One, because Cody offered to host. But also to encourage more IRL brainstorms and meetups in 2023. Austin has so many cool people! Let’s all get together and make a better community together. More friends and more parties please.

Why Does This Happen?

Why do people think your party might be an MLM scheme?

Well, some of your friends may not have heard from you in a long time. They might be wondering, “Why is this person reaching out to me?”

They may have heard from some of their other friends who have invited them to a MLM party and tried to sell them something. They usually try to sell clothing, jewelry, makeup or tupperware.

You can let them know this is not the case!

You’re hosting a small happy hour or gathering because you want to meet some interesting people and reconnect with old friends.

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