How To Make Friends When You Don’t Have Any

How To Make Friends When You Don’t Have Any

If you just moved to a new city, or if you haven’t been very sociable in the past, don’t worry.

Making friends and building a core group can be easier than you think.

My friend, Sujan, did something genius! He printed out friendly family flyers and put them in everyone’s mailbox in his suburban neighborhood. It’s not a core group in the traditional sense, but it still got him enough RSVPs to have the confidence to invite more people to his first gathering.

Ideas to Make New Friends

Try these ideas to create a core group when you don’t have one:

  • Join a local club for something you’re interested in, like volleyball, poker, or Toastmasters.
  • Look up event calendars on local media or Facebook groups to find interesting things to attend.
  • Volunteer with a charity or religious organization.
  • Attend Meetups (find them at especially for people who are new in town or looking to make friends.

More Places to Meet New Friends

Here are some more suggestions from people who read early drafts of this book:

“Look at organizations for ex-pats like InterNations. They have groups in over four hundred cities. I find ex-pats can be more open to connecting. Unlike locals, they don’t have established networks and might have just moved to a city.”

—Judhajit De

“I have invited a few very distant relatives that live in town to parties. For example, my mother-in-law’s cousin’s daughter. She’s someone I met once at a big family event, seemed cool, and it turned out we could be friends in addition to extremely distant in-laws.”

—Alex Gates

“For women looking to meet new friends, try the Bumble app and use the Bumble BFF setting. It’s a great way to connect. I met a number of new people using it and invited them to my parties.”

—Gena Stanley

“Join a recreational sports league in your area. I play on soccer teams and have made many friends over the years. My own Party Pro Tip: To maximize the opportunity of meeting people, play kickball because that sport has the largest teams.”

—Seth Hanes

“Reach out to people from your yoga, boxing, or gym classes. Invite the coaches and instructors too.”

—Rui Zhang

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