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How to Host a Ping-Pong Party

Last updated: March 27, 2024

I love to play ping pong, and I love to host parties. So why not host a ping pong party?

In this article I’ll try to outline everything that you might need to start planning a tournament.

Obviously, you’ll need ping pong tables, racquets, ping pong balls. But I’ll also encourage you to get some flood lights, name tags, and simple snacks.

Why you should listen to me: I’ve taken many ping pong private lessons and played for years. And I’ve also written a book about how to host a party. For this article, I interviewed a man who recently hosted a ping pong tournament as a charity fundraiser.

Video: Ping Pong Tournament

I was speaking at a conference recently and I met a man who did just that: he hosted a ping pong tournament as a fundraiser for a school in his town.

Everyone had fun, and they raised over $5000 for the school. So of course I had to interview him.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here on YouTube: How to Host a Ping Pong Tournament.


These are the essential supplies that you’ll need to host your event. While the major ping pong-related items seem obvious, I’m still going to list them out.

  • Ping pong tables: In the video above, he had 3 tables.
  • Paddles: Have extra in case some get damaged. In the video, some of the hardcore players even brought their own paddles!
  • Balls: Make sure you have enough pingpong balls in case they go flying.
  • Bracket Board: you can have a physical or digital set-up the important thing is you keep track of matchups and winners.
  • Construction lights: Use these to help keep the party going after sunset.
  • Name tags: I love name tags! See why here.
  • Markers: for the name tags.
  • Music: this is to create a lively atmosphere to keep the energy up.
  • Other party supplies: See my list of simple snacks and drinks here.

Structure and Agenda

Here’s a sample agenda or outline for a 3-hour ping pong tournament that you could host in your backyard. I’ll also include bullets and some items to consider.

  • Decide on the format of the tournament, such as single-elimination, double-elimination, or round-robin.
  • Register players and provide a quick overview of the tournament format.
  • Have at least 3 tables so that you can have multiple players playing at the same time.
  • Consider small prizes for winners or even a trophy. It adds to the fun and competitiveness.
  • To add a playful twist, consider introducing and optional theme. Encourage participants to dress-up.
  • Allow participants to socialize and share their experiences.
  • Keep everyone energized with snacks and drinks. Maybe some healthy options to balance out the competition!


Getting people together to celebrate around a cause is fun. I like the idea of a ping pong tournament because it works for nearly all ages, too.

When you add a bit of structure, have a fun game like ping pong, and help your friends and neighbors meet each other, you can become an awesome host.

Good luck with your ping pong tournament!

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