Playlists for Cocktail Parties

I usually stream the Beach Boys channel from a paid online music service like Spotify or Pandora. I love this channel because the music is timeless and appeals to a wide audience.

Some other options for your party playlist are:

Party Playlists on Spotify

Instrumental music: R-B Party!

Xandra has hosted several parties using my book. She says about this playlist: “We do all instrumental soundtracks: Whiplash, La La Land, Midnight in Paris, Cafe Society. Plus Lindsay Stirling’s Artemis at the beginning for party prep.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

This soundtrack idea comes from Richard in Calgary. “I’ve been using Guardians of the Galaxy playlists at my parties. Another fun one is to look up the Straight Outta Compton movie soundtrack and play the Spotify radio for that!”

Beautiful covers to go with your cocktail

Tim in San Francisco has also hosted a few parties from the book. “Here’s a really nice collection of covers a friend sent me. I’ve been listening to them all day.”

Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall

From Alex in Toronto: “Find of the week – Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall is exactly 2 hrs and 2 minutes on Spotify. When Judy sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, it’s time for guests to go home.”

Submit Your Playlist

Do you have a good playlist that others can play at their party? Email it to and I’ll add it here.