Contact Management for Your Party Guest List

Contact Management for Your Party Guest List

I use a simple spreadsheet in Google Sheets to manage who I want to invite to my parties.

Nick’s note: Update this! Add some screenshots and a link to a sample Google Sheet.

How I Sort My Guest List Database

The most important category that I have is called “Next Cocktail Party List.”

These are people I have recently met who I have invited to my next cocktail party. It is important for me to invite them first to my next party so that I can continue our conversation or create that new connection.

Favorite Guests

I also have a category called “Favorite Guests.”

After each party, I reflect upon who my favorite guests were.

  • Who showed up and helped me set up?
  • Did anyone offer to stay late to help me clean up?
  • If someone brought something special to the party, like a snack they made or some of their favorite drink to share, I might save that.

I also give credit in this category to guests who are particularly fun, funny, smart, outgoing, or just plain supportive. These people are often among the first to get re-invited to my next cocktail party.

How I Track My Guest List

  • I use Google Sheets for my “Next Cocktail Party List” just because it is the easiest.
  • If I’m being particularly responsible, I’ll tag …. TO BE CONTINUED

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