Acknowledgements and Thanks

Illustrations by Fru Pinter.

Thank You to all of my friends who helped. Some fixed my awkward prose by directly suggesting new sentences or even writing major passages. Others read early drafts and helped me with countless edits. This book would not exist without their help.

Thanks to Regan Starr (“Can this be removed?”), Brian Kurtzman, Amit Gupta, Harry Guinness, Peter Knox (“Why is there a comma here?”), Michael Alexis, Nina Simon, Jesse Thomas and the JESS3 team, Liz Schwarzbach, Len Markidan, Raul Gutierrez, Rachel McEvoy, Jonathan Wegener, Noah Kagan, Margaret Aiken, Jason Hackett, Carleen Thio, Nick Notas, David Kadavy, Alan Cassinelli, Julie Anne Meaney, Hugh Barker, Natalia Yurevich, Jordan Teshima, Tynan, Linda Parker, Ramit Sethi, Mike Smith, Daniel Di Bartolo, Jamie Lafrenier, Andria Yu, Caroline Raasch Alquist, Carly Straughan, Nima Veiseh, Tasia Duske, Steve Kamb, Niki Cuccinotto, Grace Clarke, James Robilotta, Josh Friedlander, Brian Quinn, Ashraf Ansari, Richard Lawrence, Michael Galpert, Ashley Knipe, Jesse Beyroutey, Ben Casnocha, Emily Gray, Bud Hennekes, Andrew Flavin, Victoria Cherry, Tammy Swales, Gillian Morris, Jo Banister, Bryan Victor Lim, Adam Gilbert, Anastasia Shcherbakova, Neelesh Mittal, Tam Pham, Jon Debly, Freia Lobo, Jarrett Brown, David Reedy, Gillian Leonard, Bethany Mangle, Dirk Liedig, Mo Lima, and more.

Cheers especially to those VIPs who helped test and refine my party formula by hosting their own. Thanks to Tyler Vawser, Tim Courtney, Nagina Sethi Abdullah, Luke Murray, Seth Hanes, Xandra Robinson-Burns, Sean Oliver, Jason McCullough, Dan Lerman, Justin and Jewels Evans, Jay Irwin, Phillip Van Nostrand, Rachel Hsu, Patrick Kanaley, Calvin Correli, Christina Salerno, Taryn Cahill, Matylda Czarnecka, and Phi Pham. And the Summer 2019 group of Danielle Schulz, Gena Stanley, Christine Walsh Egan, Rui Zhang, Marrtje Vos-Swinkels, Chris Fowles, Rahul Shankar, Sean Edward Oliver, Alex Gates, Crystal Zurn, Katherine Conaway, Paul Aguilar, Brian Dean, and Judhajit De.

Thank you to my team at Scribe: Emily Gindlesparger, Mark Chait, Rob Wolf Petersen, Brannan Sirratt, Libby Allen, and more.

Thank you to my neighbors who never once called the police with noise complaints.

My apologies to anyone I left off.

Did I forget to add you, or would you like your name linked here? Email me please.