Co-Host Best Practices

Hello and welcome!

So, you’re having trouble building a Core Group. Or you want to co-host a party using the Party Like a Professional formula.

Use these tips and tricks to make sure it is a success:

  1. Most importantly: get buy-in for the “quirky” elements of the formula. Ideally, your co-host would read the book with you. But that’s not always possible. So share to them the key elements that will make your party a success. Those include: individual invitations, having an RSVP page, reminder messages, name tags, icebreakers, and ending the party on time. Buy-in is important so that your co-host will understand the process.

TO BE CONTINUED: Nick to finish this page after manuscript is locked. If I haven’t yet updated this page and you need the full instructions, please email me and I’ll help you out.