Event Platforms: Pros, Cons, and My Favorites

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There are many different platforms you can use to share the details of your party including Facebook, Paperless Post, Splash, Evite, and more. They all make it easy to create an attractive information page about your party.

Comparison Table

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List of Platforms, and Notes About Each

  1. Facebook Events
  3. Splash
  4. Eventbrite
  5. Hobnob — NEW
  6. Paperless Post (see “Flyer”)
  7. AVOID: Evite

Facebook Events

What I like about it: This is a great choice for your first party. I used to use Facebook events a lot. They’re so easy to set up and so easy invite people. You can post your Guest Bios in the event as an Event Status Update and tag your friends. It’s great for post-party connections, too, when your friends want to connect with each other.— SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR ACTUAL SCREENSHOTS OF MY FACEBOOK EVENTSWhat I don’t like about it: As my parties started to get more “professional” in inviting corporate contacts whom I wasn’t friends with, I moved away from Facebook. I no longer use it unless I’m inviting strictly ALL friends for a more casual party.Warning: Be sure to set your event as Private!

Private Event or Public Global Event click screen from the Facebook website


2020-02-26 Nick’s Note: I really like Mixily. A few months ago I met the founder, Andrew Badr, in NYC. He’s sharp and has added features we want (like a CSV export of email addresses for your guest list). Many hosts use Mixily now who are beta testing my book! It is a very lightweight, free, easy tool for events.


This is what I mostly use now (free version).What I like about it: Snazzy landing pages that look great on mobile. Ability to mass email. Option to show guest RSVP list.What I don’t like about it: Steep learning curve. Takes a little while to set up your first event(s) to learn their system. Complicated pricing: it’s free, but if you want certain things, pricing starts at around $1000/mo as it is geared for Enterprise use.


In 2015 it was my favorite event hosting platform. I haven’t used it since then.What I liked about it: Easy, Simple, Free, Mass email reminders (and automated reminders – but I always customized my reminders).What I didn’t like about it: Boring event pages with little customization (may have changed now!).


I’ve never used this, but Sean from the Party Like A Professional beta test group introduced me to this tool. It seems neat. Tell me if you try it!

Selfie with a group of people in Seattle
Sean’s selfie from his first Party Like A Professional party, which he used Hobnob to organize

Sean says:

I like using Hobnob because it includes maps, navigation, calendar adds, and 2 day prior and day of notifications, all mobile, with no sign up or app on the invitee end required.

Paperless Post

2020-02-26 Nick’s Note: Their new (free) Flyer product seems pretty neat. Like they re-imagined the service from the ground up to be more modern. Let me know if you use it and how it goes!

This seems like the most basic vanilla choice. I’ve never used it and don’t suggest it for fear of (1) you getting lumped into someone’s spam folder, and (2) it just sends a message that you might be having a “normal” party.

AVOID: Evite

My friend Nina used Evite for her party in September 2019 and told me, “Evite is like a worse version of Eventbrite. It is impossible to find stuff, lots of ads, the website loads slowly, and you can’t customize guest invitations. It’s just a mess.”

But book beta tester Alex Gates used Evite for his party in October 2019 and said: “I used Evite, which I liked. Easy to set up the automated reminders and a follow up thank you message to each guest.” Cathy in DC also used Evite for this party and it was fine.

Sample Screenshots From My Party Invitations

Facebook (1)

Sample party invite and RSVP page from one of my events in May 2018

Facebook (2)

Sample RSVP page for a party I hosted in Nov 2017

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