Event Platforms: Pros, Cons, and My Favorites

Event Platforms: Pros, Cons, and My Favorites

Last updated — 2022-05-11: linked to Mixily page

There are many different platforms you can use to share the details of your party including Facebook, Mixily, Paperless Post, Splash, Evite, and more. They all make it easy to create an attractive information page about your party.

As of January 2022, my favorite service and the one I recommend to my friends is Mixily.

Comparison Table

MixilySuper simple setup
No ads, no spam
Works great on mobile
Less custom and fancy designs
Smallest of all listed services. Most have never heard of it
FacebookEasiest to set up and RSVP
Easy to share reminders
Guests can connect with each other
Less attendance as guests might not see your event and reminder messages
Too informal for work events
Some people don’t use Facebook
Paperless PostVariety of fun party templates
New free Flyer product is fast and easy
Good mobile app
Sometimes invitations and messages go to spam
Certain features require a paid account
EviteWell-known, established brand for events
Good for families. Allows RSVPs with number of adults, children
Tons of advertisements on your RSVP page
Sometimes invitations and messages go to spam
PartifulTons of theme and effects to choose from
Easy to set up
Covid-19 Safety Settings
Send guests auto-reminders
You have to create an
account and enter your phone
number to RSVP which might
cause less attendance

Best Practices for Each Platform


See my full list of Mixily settings here.

Check out these great featured images that you can use when you create your own RSVP page to get your guests excited!

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