The Party Runway

The Party Runway

If this is your first party using my formula, give yourself at least three weeks to plan the party.

Pick a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night three weeks from now and save it on your calendar.

I’ll explain why.

Think of a runway at an airport.

It exists to give the plane time to build up speed and take off.

In the context of hosting a party, the runway gives you plenty of time to invite people.

Plus, advance notice makes it more likely that you guests will have an open schedule and be able to attend.

A three-week runway allows you to do most of the work in advance to guarantee great attendance.

The runway also gives you time to buy a few necessary supplies like basic drinks and some snacks. But don’t panic about preparation yet. We’re just making a runway right now, not a whole airport.

Why three weeks?

Three weeks is the sweet spot. It provides you with plenty of time to build a solid list of RSVPs.

You’ll message a few close connections, create a simple online event page using one of these platforms, lock in those first RSVPs, and then send invites to other prospective guests.

Other articles on this site will cover each of these steps in detail. For now, just know that a long party runway will increase your party’s attendance and decrease your stress.

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