Venues, Tips, and Tricks: Hosting Elsewhere

Venues, Tips, and Tricks: Hosting Elsewhere

You can still throw parties even if hosting at home is not a possibility.

Try these, and please email me if you have any suggestions to add.


  • A park.
  • The café of a local museum.
  • A library or community center.
  • Your apartment or neighborhood common space or game room.
  • Your office.

The easiest and most common solution is to find a friend or colleague who will let you use their home for your party. If you go that route, please review these tips and tricks when throwing a party with a co-host.

Tips and Tricks

  • Name tags: While name tags are always important, they’re especially important when you’re hosting an event outside your home. In a shared space like at a park or in a cafe, name tags become a visual unifier for your group. They’ll make it easier to identify your guests within the shared space.

Note: The best place to host your party is probably still at your home. Chapter 3 of my book goes deep on this – including rebuttals to many objections you may have.

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