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Where to Throw a Party? Ideas and Venues for 2024

Last updated: April 18, 2024

The location of your party can make or break your event. Since the options are endless, it can be really hard to find the correct spot. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect spot to gather, be it for a small gathering or a grand celebration, I’ve got you covered with some location inspirations!

Throughout this post, we’ll delve into the art of party planning and uncover why your own home often tops the list as the ideal venue.

But should hosting at home not be an option, fret not! I’ll also introduce several alternatives, such as friends’ houses, restaurants, hotel lobbies, and beyond, to ensure your event is a smashing success.

Why you should listen to me: I am Nick Gray, and I wrote a book on hosting successful gatherings and expanding your social circle. It has over 325 reviews on Amazon. After attending over a thousand events, I now know where to throw a party for any occasion. 

Best Party Location: Your House! 

Since it’s a personal space, people will feel welcome to be invited into it. Plus it’ll provide a unique and personal experience for guests. 

It allows guests to visit your personal space and get a glimpse of your life and personality. Going to someone’s house is the best way to see who they are aside from their online or work identity.

Your guests will appreciate the vulnerability of inviting them into your home and it will help them see you in a more positive light. 

They won’t care if your house is small, plain, or a little messy. They’re coming to your party to enjoy themselves and to meet new people.

You should host your event in your home or apartment because:

  • You’ll feel more confident in your own home
  • You can control all of the variables easier, like costs and noise 
  • Your guests will appreciate your generosity and vulnerability

Read this article to learn more about hosting in your house- Where You Should Host Your Party: Best and Worst Places.

Other Places to Throw a Party

If for some reason you cannot throw a party in your own house or apartment, then these are the best next options.

But you better have a great reason not to host in your own space, because it is almost always the best location. 

Friends Houses

Hosting a party at your friends’ houses can be a great option, you can offer them incentives such as cookies or beer, and remind them of the opportunity to meet new people. If they’re still hesitant, offer to clean their house before and after the party.


When looking for a restaurant venue, it would be beneficial to find a place with a standing area that is not too loud. You can inquire about the slowest nights, offer to bring in at least 15 people, and ask to have a section of the restaurant closed off for your party.

Sometimes the restaurant will give this to you free of charge.

Airbnb or Peerspace

Renting an Airbnb or Peerspace, which is a platform for booking event spaces, can be a sophisticated solution, but it can be costly. It is important to ensure that the Airbnb rental allows hosting a party of 15 people.

Hotel Lobbies or Hotel Bars

Hotel lobbies or hotel bars are usually a good option, as they are open seven days a week and usually have slow weeknights. One of Shaggy’s friends reserved a conference room at a hotel by committing to buy 100 PBRs for $1 each.


Hosting a party in a park can provide a community-centered and natural setting for guests. Parks often have large open spaces that can accommodate a large number of people. This means it’s an ideal place for hosting large parties or events. 

Parks often feature beautiful natural landscapes such as gardens, lakes, and wooded areas. This will create a wonderful ambiance for the party and provide a great backdrop.

Parks are perfect if you want to host in an open space. This would be my top choice if I want to host a COVID-safe party.

Some parks might have a gazebo for you to use in case of bad weather.


Make guests feel comfortable and relaxed by hosting your party in a cafe. Oftentimes cafes have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, along with a variety of seating options. Making cafes able to accommodate a range of party sizes and styles.

Since food and drinks are sold at cafes it can make your hosting option even easier.

Library or Community Center

Libraries and community centers often have huge open spaces that can accommodate a large number of people, making them ideal for hosting large parties or events. Most of them will have amenities such as tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment for you to use. 

Additionally, hosting a party in a library or community center can be a great way to keep the costs of the party low. Many libraries and community centers have low-cost rental fees or are free to use. This can be a great option for those looking to host a party on a budget, or for non-profit organizations.

You should consider that libraries or community centers can feel generic and impersonal. 

See a few more examples of venues that I wrote about.

Apartment or Neighborhood Common Space

These common spaces include courtyards, rooftops, and clubhouses. This creates a sense of community and allows neighbors to easily attend your party. 

Hosting a party in an apartment or neighborhood common space can be a great way to keep the costs of the party low. They will also have many amenities and resources for you to use.  


Hosting a party on a rooftop can be a way to make your event feel exclusive since most people don’t host events in this type of location. Plus the views from a rooftop can be quite beautiful and provide an ambiance. This is a great option for parties during warmer months. 

Furthermore, having a party on a rooftop can be a way to make the most of a large city, with the ability to see the skyline and the hustle and bustle of the city below. 

The only problem is that bad weather could easily ruin it, so make sure to have a backup plan nearby.

Winery or Brewery

A classier but more expensive option. I would save this venue until you have hosted at least four parties. 

Many wineries and breweries are located in beautiful locations. This really adds to the ambiance of the party. Additionally, wineries and breweries often have tasting rooms or event spaces that can be rented out for parties, which can provide a convenient and ready-made setting for the event.

Boat or Yacht

Adding a body of water to your party venue can create a sense of adventure and freedom. This venue will give a sense of luxury and exclusivity at the party, as not many people have the opportunity to host on a boat or yacht. 

Most boats and yachts are equipped with the amenities you’ll need. Such as a bar, a kitchen, and sound systems.

This option is only for the most experienced party guests. It will be expensive if you don’t know someone with a boat, and difficult to coordinate everyone showing up before the boat departs. 


If you’re planning to host a small gathering or a large celebration, these location ideas will help you.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: your house is almost always the best place to throw a party. Read why I feel that way in this article.

Greetings! My name is Nick Gray. I have a passion for parties and events, so I wrote a book about it, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party. My objective is to assist 500 individuals in organizing their own gatherings using the techniques outlined in my book. 

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