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Evite Alternatives: List of Other Free RSVP Platforms

Last updated: March 27, 2024

Evite used to be one of the most popular platforms for sending an online invitation or collecting RSVPs to a party.

But with its annoying ads and confusing design that isn’t mobile-friendly, I don’t recommend using it anymore.

Instead, try some of these Evite alternatives. I’ll review each of these platforms that work better than Evite:

  1. Mixily
  2. Partiful
  3. Paperless Post
  4. Luma
  5. Hobnob
  6. Eventbrite
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Mixily is one of my favorite and go-to party invitation platforms. It is incredibly easy to set up, there are no ads, and most importantly: your party guests will not get any spam. See my list of Mixily tips and tricks here.

It is convenient and it provides a range of features to make the RSVP process easier including customizable invitations, guest list management, automated reminders, and RSVP tracking.

If you plan to collect RSVPs using email, then I recommend Mixily. It is what I use for all of my events and the platform that I recommend the most.

There are multiple options that you can turn on and off based on your preferences like:

  • Guest Invites. Your guests can invite others by submitting an email address via the event page.
  • Guest list. You can turn this on to make the list visible to other guests and as a social proof that people are actually going to your event.
  • Plus Ones. You’ll see if your guests have +1 on their RSVP.


Partiful is my second favorite recommendation. It’s a party RSVP website that focuses on using text message invitations. It’s mostly popular with Gen Z because of its funny effects and themes, but it’s not limited to that demographic.

If you want a dead-simple RSVP platform to quickly collect RSVPs for your next party using text messages, then I recommend Partiful.

What makes it great for a broad range of demographics is that you don’t need to download a new app or be computer-literate to RSVP for a party. Your guests can RSVP straight from the text message invitation on their phones.

It’s a fun, easy-to-set up RSVP page and includes automated text message reminders. There is no charge to use Partiful and there are no ads, as of March 2023.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is one of the oldest online invitation pages out there. Most hosts and event organizers use it because of its streamlined and trendy designs.

They have a mobile app and offer digital invitation cards that you can send to your guests.

You’ll also have the ability to charge for tickets if you’re having an event that requires tickets.

Pro tip: I suggest using Paperless Post Flyer because of its clean and sleek design. It is free for up to 50 attendees plus it looks good on mobile too!


I haven’t officially reviewed Luma yet, but I’ve heard great things about it. It was referred to me by my friend Alex. He said he likes the UI better than Mixily. Other readers of my book who host parties reported that they love the advanced integrations that Luma offers.

Luma is ideal for hosts who curate huge community events. This is because of its ability to sell tickets, class bundles, and referral programs for guests.

Other features that Luma offers that can help elevate your events:

  • Automatic reminders
  • Collect feedback and reviews
  • Analytics and attendance
  • Seamless Zoom integration
  • Virtual tickets for guests
  • Beautiful event pages

I do not recommend Luma unless you are extremely tech-savvy. Its advanced features are better for power users. But I’ve included it because so many people I know enjoy it and are tech-savvy.


While Evite mainly uses email, Hobnob is primarily based on text messages (like Partiful). Hobnob promotes the fact that their service is easy-to-use and easy-to-set up.

My friend Sean was the first to tell me about Hobnob in 2019. He liked that invitees can easily RSVP via text if they do not have the app on their phones. It makes it easier for the host to send reminder messages, too.

Continue: Read my article comparing Evite to Hobnob here.


These platforms are the best alternatives to Evite in 2023. I think they’re all significantly better to use than Evite because they don’t have ads, they’re easy to use (especially from mobile), simple for guests to set up, they won’t spam your friends, and all of them are free to use.

If you’re planning to send email invitations to your party or event, use:

  • Mixily
  • Paperless Post
  • Luma

If you want to send text message invitations, then you can use:

Was this article helpful? Have a platform to suggest that I didn’t include? Or do you have questions? Email me to [email protected] and I’ll update this with your comments.

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