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Make These 3 Party Signs for Your House Party

Last updated: March 27, 2024

A few small handwritten party signs can help make your house party feel more welcoming to guests.

You’ll also reduce the number of interruptions by over 50%, ensuring that guests will know where the bathrooms are located.

When you use these signs, your guests will think more highly of you! They’ll know that your party is well-structured and well-organized.

Do this first: Walk through the space

Shortly before your party starts, walk through the entire experience you’ll be providing. 

Stand outside and come into your party as though you were a guest arriving.

Consider every step. What will your guests see as they arrive? What will they notice?

When you physically walk through the space, you might notice details you otherwise would have missed.  Perhaps you forgot to throw some clutter into boxes or you haven’t yet lit your bathroom candle. You may also find ways to make the space more welcoming.

Write your Party Signs

During your walkthrough, think about what areas of your home are non-obvious to party guests. This includes:

  • Bathroom location(s), put a “BATHROOM” sign on the outside door
  • Trash, put a sign saying “TRASH’ nearby
  • Shoes off? Make a simple sign near the front door
  • Create a simple “Welcome!” sign to place near your door
Illustration of party signs
I love these simple signs and so do my guests. I post them up before every party. It’s an easy way to add a bit of fun and personality and make people feel welcome.

Make a few of these handwritten messages to provide directions and motivation to your guests as they approach your party. Tape them somewhere visible: on your mailbox, door, or stairs leading to your home.

My party welcome signs

Here’s a photo of actual signs that I’ve used for my small house parties:

Actual party signs Nick Gray used during one of his parties
These are the actual, real signs that I used for one of my cocktail parties at my apartment in NYC.

Make these three party signs

Here are the simple signs that I recommend most new hosts create for their house or apartment party:

Welcome sign

This sign can kick start the party energy! It will make your guests feel welcome before you even greet them.

Bathroom location

Guests asking directions for the bathroom can be an unnecessary or embarrassing interruption. Write the word “BATHROOM” or “RESTROOM” on an index card, and tape it to the outside of any bathrooms you’d like your guests to use. Close other doors to areas that are off-limits to party guests.

Trash can and Recycling

By putting up trash signs and instructing guests where and how to properly dispose of their trash, you’ll have a clean party. Trash will not accumulate on the counters, waiting to be thrown away.

Examples of party signs

Here are a few examples of people who have read my book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, and the signs they used at their party.

Noah Adams’ party signs

Carrie Perreault’s party signs

Emoji party signs

Party signs from the crypto meetup party

More party signs

Here are some more handwritten signs that people have used. You can see that they’re not fancy.

What I’m trying to show you is that these simple signs only take you one or two minutes to create, but they will make your party much better because they will reduce the questions that your guests ask and people will see you as an organized host.

My sister Emily's party sign!
My sister Emily’s party sign! See her Girls Night party case study here.

Additional party signs

please leave by
Please Leave by, Interchangeable Party Hanging Letter Banner Signs


Simple signs like this are an easy way to make your party more friendly and feel more welcome.

Giving people clear boundaries helps them, too. 

Identifying the trash and bathrooms goes a long way to making your party a well-run event. People appreciate a host who cares.

Have you put up signs at your party? What were they for? Email me and attach some photos and maybe I’ll update this post with your party signs.

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