Who to Invite to Your Next Parties

Who to Invite to Your Next Parties

This article will tell you exactly who to invite to your later parties.

When you create your guest list for your second and third parties, then you can stretch yourself and cast a wider net of guests.

Invite the same people from your first party, plus a few more people you don’t know as well or haven’t seen in a while.

This includes the following:

  • Friends of friends
  • Former colleagues and classmates
  • Colleagues in other departments
  • Sales professionals or service staff at your favorite local spots

Can you invite New People?

Definitely! You can also invite new people you meet.

Liz Schwarzbach, a pharmacologist and business executive in Manhattan, says that her metric for whether to invite someone to an event is this:

“When I meet someone new, I ask myself: do I want to continue the conversation or see them again? If the answer is yes, then they would make a great guest for one of my parties.”

Every new person you meet becomes a potential party invitation.
  • Do: invite new acquaintances who you would be excited to see again or continue a conversation with.
  • Don’t: purely build a guest list based on “Who can I benefit from right now?”


Be mindful of keeping a genuine interest in your guest list.

You’re not trying to use and abuse your old and new friends in a self-serving manner.

This is what gives networking a bad name.

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