How to Grow Your Guest List

If you’re eager to grow your guest list, here are some things to try:

Invite everyone you might want to see again

Invite anyone you meet that you might like to talk to again.

Your guest list will naturally grow. It doesn’t have to be some big, grand invitation.

If you meet someone neat at work or in the grocery store, just mention you’re having a party soon, and ask if you can invite them.

If they say yes, take their contact details.

If they say no, what’s the harm? Either take their details and invite them to your next party, or continue on with your day.

Think about the people you regularly interact with

This could be your barista or your workout instructor or the service staff at your favorite restaurant.

Give them an invite.

Social media

Log on to Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social network you use. Search for friends or colleagues who live in your city.

We often forget about our loose connections and acquaintances we’ve already made through these networks.

Ask people: Please bring a friend!

Send your core group members a personalized message asking them to bring a friend to your party

Give them at least one week’s notice.

For bonus points, provide them with a little script like this to make it easy to share:

“I’d like to ask a favor: Will you help me out and bring a friend or colleague to my party? You can send them this message: “My friend Nick is hosting a cocktail party on Wednesday the 8th at 7pm. It will be fun! May I share your info with him to send you the information?”

Follow-up to Core Group

Follow up to ask your core group who they are going to bring. It is important to ask them to “bring a friend,” not just “invite a friend.”

When you explicitly state that you want them to bring someone, it implies you want them to follow through.

Super Connectors

Make a list of “super connectors” in your town and invite one or two.

This could include real estate agents, salespeople, fundraising staff at a nonprofit, and recruiters.

These folks have huge networks and are often receptive to invitations to meet new people.

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