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How to Host a Networking Event: Coffee Meetup in NYC

Last updated: May 29, 2024

Come along with me on a journey through my latest networking event!

In this video diary, we’re exploring a morning coffee meetup at Launch House in New York City with Supermomos.

Join the conversation as we delve into effective name tag usage, the significance of introductions, creating connections, and best practices for networking events.

Edwina from Supermomos interviews me, touching on the lessons learned from hosting events globally, shared in my book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, available on Audible and where books are sold.

Video Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes preparations leading up to the event and a glimpse of the guided tour I conducted for the attendees.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here on YouTube: Networking Event Tips: How To Host a Morning Coffee Meetup

Choosing Your Venue

We hosted our coffee meetup at Launch House—which is the usual locations for events here in New York City.

Learn the importance of venue selection and gain insights from my blog articles on picking the perfect location:

Supplies for Events

We’ve spent about $150 for 60 people and we’ve prepared snacks and coffee.

I’ll give you a barebones shopping list for what to buy to host a coffee meetup or even a happy hour. That includes:

  1. General supplies: cups and name tags
  2. Drinks: coffee or tea
  3. Snacks: salted nuts, chips, or bagels

Uncover the secrets to hosting an amazing event for under a hundred dollars.

Facilitate Icebreakers

Everybody who went obviously wants to meet new people.

As a host, you can help your guests to connect by facilitating icebreakers.

They serve as conversation starters and you’ve probably attended parties where you felt like there were a lot of intriguing individuals present. However, you have no idea who they are or how to get in touch with them.

You stroll around in the hopes of being fortunate enough to run across someone intriguing. Perhaps you have experienced the difficulty of striking up a conversation with a stranger or approaching them. Everything changes when the host introduces icebreakers!

The Power of Hosting Regularly

Unlock the benefits of making hosting a habit.

Explore how regularly hosting events every six to eight weeks transforms your social life, collecting a network of amazing individuals.

Learn to effortlessly invite new acquaintances to your gatherings, creating a close-knit community.

Conclusion & More Videos

Wrap up the event with Supermomos, indulging in fruit and reflecting on the success of the morning coffee meetup at Launch House. Witness the vibrant turnout and the positive impact of fostering connections and new friendships.

Join me in navigating the world of networking events, turning each gathering into a memorable and enriching experience.

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